Ramblecast: Bellever Tor

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15 thoughts on “Ramblecast: Bellever Tor

  1. Just listened to Part 1 (will listen to the other parts shortly). Really enjoyable, thank you. The hairy hands bit was interesting, made me think of my junior school, there was tales of hairy hands in the restroom that came up from the toilet & grabbed you down the toilet if you sat on the toilet too long, it was/is a long standing tale (still alive to this day) , prob created by an ancient teacher to prevent children taking ages in the restroom. (It worked, lol). Not sure why I shared that but hope it raised a smile.

  2. I loved this. Especially the last sentence which made me laugh out loud ‘but I’m not going to climb a tree and wait for a witch to come find me, because I’m too cold.’ And right there you sum up the ridiculousness of all these humans attaching their own issues to your words. The reality is all of our human experience is nuanced and complex and unknowably mysterious. We don’t know why we feel half of what we feel and we still have to deal with basic realities which others have no idea about, because they are not us. I wish people would leave off with their projections, which seem to come at any one who is courageous enough to open themselves up to the world through art. People see glimpses of their mysterious self reflected in your work and words and they latch on. Perhaps it’s because they are lost and you’ve given them something beautiful to believe in.

  3. Just listened to you ramblecast and it’s fab (having just listened to Help the Witch today). Studying for 10 years has messed up my attention span and ability to read too, so audio books work well. Bizarrely I was up Bellever Tor 24 hours before you, and it was freezing then too. I am short, reasonably curvy, live less than 11 miles away from you and am a witch (not of the crazy kind). Be careful what you ask for as the universe rarely sends it in the way you pictured it. Last year I worked magic to teach internationally, then COVID came and now I am teaching internationally on Zoom. Anyway, should you ever fancy laid back witchy company on a walk, let me know. It’s my favourite thing to do. Loving your work. (BTW, Climbing trees to wait for witches rarely works, as there are so many trees. Even with an effective form of divination, it’s still pretty tricky to narrow it down… 🤭)

  4. I did enjoy that. I hope you will do another radio show sometime in the future Tom. You always introduced me to something I’d never heard before. The line about Freda Payne made me laugh out loud. I would never judge anyone because they listened to auto-tuned chart stuff or Ed Sheeran. As long as they don’t make me listen to it. I’m a happy singleton and have been for over 20 years. The thought of today’s dating apps makes me shudder. I went on a date 30 years ago with a chap who answered a personal ad I’d done. Oh dear God…. Never again 😂 Happy New Year 😊

  5. Simply Plop

    The above poem was submitted by Arty the Owl who had just digested a sack of linseed and a rather anxious mouse from Telford.
    Hey Tom I wrote the above to help make you smile whenever someone gets you down.

    I fell asleep to your meanderings then woke up to them, which was all rather lovely. Like loopholes in a dream.

  6. Just wonderful. I really enjoyed the three parts, thank you. Social media (and electronic jigsaws strangely) have had a really negative impact on my attention span. I’ll be honest, I was an original contributor to 21stCY and still haven’t read it! I keep waiting to be snowed in with 6ft drifts, knocking the internet off for days, allowing me to cosy up and read it in a couple of sessions. Not likely to happen in Northamptonshire. I shall make an attempt in the New Year, and that can be my new year’s resolution.

    Listening to these three short ramblecasts was easy though and let me do other things while I was listening (took the Christmas lights down from the living room while I was listening and rehung them around my bedroom window where I tend to spend a lot of time – the lights make me think it’s still daylight outside) so I feel as if I have achieved twice. Perhaps I will consider investing in some Tom Cox audiobooks when Notebook and Villager are published, just to get them read.

    As for dating apps …….. hmmmm ……. I can live without them. Might have a look at Twitter again following only you, just t see what mischief you are making.

    Have a great New Year Tom and the furries. Xx

  7. If you’re going to climb a tree to wait for a witch, take a cushion and a bag of salt and vinegar crisps…it might be a long wait. A ‘sharing’ bag might be better

  8. Happy New Year Tom.
    I enjoyed this ramble in three parts, with my Dartmoor map out, trying to imagine myself in the vicinity of Bellever Tor as I listened. I remembered the trig and the half grown plantation that is such a feature of that area, and the herd of Dartmoor ponies round there that is so different from the other hill ponies with their coats of many colours.
    One phrase I particularly liked was ‘cushioned by the context of other words.’
    That’s a gentle, protective sort of image – words tucking each other in, providing a comfortable spot for each other which helps them be properly understood, not skimmed over.
    Looking forward to the next post.

  9. Really enjoyed listening to this, thank you. Social media is such a strange beast. I need to use it to help sell my prints and I’m grateful for that, but sometimes I want to get as far away from it as possible….

  10. Please don’t stop doing this! Loved listening to you, and the squelching sound of your boots was just so relaxing! Maybe next time when you’ve got some gloves and your hands are warm you can sit in that tree and wait for the witch to come 😉

  11. As always, enjoyed your words immensely. Wishing I were atop a tor, able to shriek into the the wind. Will leave debit card at home.

  12. I have really enjoyed listening and chuckling along with these. They have kept my attention more than many radio programmes. I look forward to hearing more. Also, I share your ambivalence about Twitter – especially using it for work and the benefits of that versus all the poison and random bullying. Twitter’s loss is our gain if it means you do more writing and ramblecasting.

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