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Hello. I am Tom, and this is my website. It’s a bit more than a normal author website, in the sense that all my writing that isn’t in my books – and some that is – gets posted here. Since 2015 I’ve written many many thousands of words about nature, folklore, music, books, landscape, family, social history, films and more, and I add to this at least once a month, usually more often than that. It’s all totally free, but if you do feel like setting up a monthly subscription to help support what I’m trying to do, the option is there, and every little really does help. You can do this through Paypal or GoCardless.

A little more about me: I have written ten books, including The Good, The Bad And The Furry, which was a Sunday Times top ten bestseller, and 21st Century Yokel, which The Guardian described as “a rich, strange, oddly glorious brew” and was longlisted for the Wainwright Nature Writing prize. I tend to look upon my first six books as a learning period, and I’m often highly critical of them, but I’m much happier with my latest four. My newest, Help The Witch, is a collection of sort-of-ghost stories-which draw on folklore and the power of landscape. I often now work in collaboration with my mum, Jo, who is an artist and printmaker and whose prints have featured in my last two books. I am six foot tall (minus quarter of an inch, if we’re being pedantic), my favourite band is Pentangle (on the days when my favourite band isn’t Traffic or the Stones), and I still haven’t got around to getting any A-levels or a degree but haven’t totally written the idea off. When I’m not writing, I’m usually reading, mooching about in a secondhand record shop or bookshop or swimming or walking somewhere out in the elements in the South West Of The UK, where I have lived for most of the last five years. Sometimes, I also DJ on a radio station called Soundart. Back in what is quickly becoming the mists of time (1996-2015) I was a journalist too but I decided to quit that entirely, in order to find more freedom in my writing and hopefully achieve some of the things I’d always wanted to, creatively. This site is a big part of that.

Thanks for reading!

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