About Tom

Hello. I am Tom, and this is my website. It’s a bit more than a normal author website, in the sense that all my writing that isn’t in my books – and some that is – gets posted here. Since 2015 I’ve written many many thousands of words about nature, folklore, music, books, landscape, family, social history, films and more, and I add to this at least once a month, usually more often than that. It’s all totally free, but if you do feel like setting up a monthly subscription to help support what I’m trying to do, the option is there, and every little bit really does help. You can do this through Paypal or GoCardless.

A little more about me: I have written ten books, including 21st-Century Yokel, Help The Witch, which won a Shirley Jackson Horror Writing Award (even though it’s not really horror writing), Ring The Hill and Notebook, which will be published in September 2020. I tend to look upon my first six books as a learning period, and I’m often highly critical of them, but I’m much happier with my latest six. I have crowdfunded the most recent four of these with the independent publisher Unbound, which isn’t easy, in many ways, but has allowed me to follow my own path and be more true to myself. I often now work in collaboration with my mum, Jo, who is an artist and printmaker and whose prints have featured in my last two books. I am six foot tall (minus quarter of an inch, if we’re being pedantic), my favourite band is Pentangle (on the days when my favourite band isn’t Traffic or the Stones), and I still haven’t got around to getting any A-levels or a degree but haven’t totally written the idea off. When I’m not writing, I’m usually reading, mooching about in a secondhand record shop or bookshop or swimming or walking somewhere out in the elements in the South West Of The UK. Sometimes, I also DJ on a radio station called Soundart. Back in what is quickly becoming the mists of time (1996-2015) I was a journalist too but I decided to quit that entirely, in order to find more freedom in my writing and hopefully achieve some of the things I’d always wanted to, creatively. This site is a big part of that.

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