Close Encounters Of The Furred Kind (2015)

“Have you ever moved house, over a distance of 350 miles, with four cats? If you haven’t, and are thinking about it, I’ll give you some advice: don’t.”

The time has come for Tom Cox and his four cats – Ralph, Shipley, Roscoe and The Bear – to leave behind their beloved modernist Norfolk home and move… to a rambling, two-hundred-year-old cottage on the other side of the country.

This move to Devon might be a mammoth undertaking but it signifies a new start for everyone – not least The Bear, who at eighteen years old seems to find a new joie de vivre. (Or as much joie as the world’s most melancholy cat can ever hope to find.) There are new friends – one of whom looks suspiciously doglike – and new adventures in the wild and romantic countryside. There’s even a new addition to the family: George, a hippyish cat who seems keen to adopt Tom

Fans of The Bear’s alter ego, @MYSADCAT, will love these new stories from Tom, who as ever writes with affection and honesty about the joys – and sorrows – of life with a gang of eccentric, maddening and endlessly loveable cats.

Praise for Tom’s previous books:

“Made me laugh out loud.” – David Sedaris

“Tom Cox is a very funny writer.” – Kate Atkinson

“Tom Cox writes brilliantly.” – William Boyd

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6 thoughts on “Close Encounters Of The Furred Kind (2015)

  1. Have read all 4 books now and loved every one. Close encounters was the only one I had to wait for as the others were bought quite close together. I left the last few pages unread – frustrated because I wanted to read the conclusion, frustrated because I didn't want the book to end! Tonight it has ended! I am so grateful for your site to keep me sane until a twinkle of a 5th book and hope this comment shows how brilliant your books are and their importance in supporting the sanity of multi-cat-caters.

  2. Just ordered the last 2 books. Can't wait to read them. Love Tom's writings, I feel like I know his Dad he even has me saying "FOOKWHITS". I try to keep up with him on face book and love My Sad Cat. Thank you Tom for sharing your life.

  3. If you think your move was bad, try crossing the Chanel with 4 cats in a large cage to relocate them to your new home mid France – travelling on motorways means that they have ample time to get their revenge by pooping just as you pass one rest stop, and with 60k to go to the next. Fortunately, with the temperature below freezing your smell sensors freeze up within minutes of driving at speed with all the windows down!

  4. topsy brown's mum said
    I moved from London to the Bonny Banks in Scotland with 3 cats only to drive into a snow drift 3 miles from our destination and had to spend the whole night in the car during the snow storm with the cats. Luckily I could keep the engine running as it was a diesel car and we all kept each other warm. 26 years later I moved from Scotland to Devon with only one cat who cried non-stop for 9 hours, much worse than the night in the snow, but now loves Devon. Welcome to our world.

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