A Message To Subscribers From Me And Jim

If you read this website regularly you probably know about my Substack page by now, where I am also posting all of my new writing, and which I am increasingly reliant on, especially having deleted my Twitter account. A few of you still subscribe to www.tom-cox.com via Paypal or GoCardless and I am encouraging people to transfer their subscriptions from those sites to either Substack or the main Stripe link on the homepage of this site. Of these, Substack is the best option, as it’s the most effective way for me to get my writing out into the world, and the easiest way for you to manage your subscription. But if you’d like to subscribe for a smaller fee than the set monthly, annual or founder ones on Substack, the main Stripe link here is the best option. Let me know via email if you are transferring from GoCardless (or from Stripe) to Substack and need me to cancel your previous subscription (although if it was via Paypal you’ll need to cancel it yourself). Thanks for reading! Tom (and Jim)

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