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You might have noticed that, while I am still posting new pieces of writing on this site, I’m posting them first, and more frequently, on my Substack page. My plan is to continue this and make it the main portal for my new writing, because it’s great and is rescuing writers all around the globe from the evils of social media. If you’d like to transfer your subscription from here to there, but can’t afford the full annual subscription fee, this is perhaps a good week to do it, as I’m offering 50% off subscriptions. It’s also a much better way to subscribe than the old Paypal or GoCardless methods here, in terms of the cut I get and you managing your account. If you still subscribe to this site via Stripe (i.e. the main link on the homepage) that also works out best for me in terms of my cut but the Substack subscription is easier to manage, so please feel free to email me if you’d like me to cancel that and would prefer to change to Substack.

PS Also, on the off chance you missed it: I just finished writing a new book! It’s called 1983, will be published in spring 2024, and you can reserve a signed first edition here.

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My Substack page.

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