Ramblecast: Fire

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My first ever novel, VILLAGER, is now up for funding. If you’d like to reserve a copy, you can do so here.

My most recent book is Ring The Hill – which is also out in the US and Canada this month.

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12 thoughts on “Ramblecast: Fire

  1. Loved listening to you soft lilting tones …… had to rewind a few times in the first part as it sent me off to sleep for a few seconds each time. Nice.

    I’m limiting myself to making one FB post per day and closing it down as soon as I read something that raises my bp levels. My brain just can’t cope with it atm, another reason I love listening to your broadcasts. You make me smile bigly when you drop a sweary word -always relevant, never aggressive or confrontational. Who taught who ? Shipley or yourself ? Xx

  2. Really enjoyed those chats,
    Have so many points where I wanted to comment. It might seem presumptuous of me to suggest but maybe a podcast one in a while would be good.???

    You sound exactly as I expected you to, really down to earth and nice.
    Im looking forward to yr new book. Agree with you re go yr own way with publishing.

    I loved help the witch, my favourite or the story that sticks in my head is the ghost parked at the end of the lane in the Mitsubishi. For some reason that story so resonated with me.
    I’d like to hear yr banjo playing and of course I would like to play a few chords myself.

    Good luck with everything. Keep warm and happy.

  3. Hey Tom. Loving these ramblecasts and similarly the walking diaries you did on YouTube for 21st Century Yokel. There’s a determined slowness to them that I find captivating, they’re warm and enticing. It’s almost like having an intimate chat with a close friend in a secluded part of a rustic public house, where there’s a open fire. A very welcome balm in unsettling times.

    It’s sad you’re leaving Twitter, as you were one of my favourites (along with @mysadcat — I think we all fell in love with The Bear). I’m sure I’m only one of many who will miss those perfectly crafted, silly, yet strangely also enlightening, tweets.

    I’ve been a long time subscriber to your site, and I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed with the notes, scribblings and stories you tell. While I don’t always find time to read or listen immediately, I do bookmark it for when I can — and I will say we are very, very lucky that you do this. I find myself looking up trig points to places I’ve never been and murderous monks on Haldon Hill, and I am all the better for it.

    I remember when I saw you giving a talk in Worcester, and gladly helped (along with my brother) carry your books into the venue. It was a lovely evening and one that I’ll cherish. When times are more friendly to these gatherings I look forward to when we can do it again. I’m also glad to say I have ordered deluxe editions of both your new books Notebook and Villager, and they are my most anticipated reads of 2020.

    P.S. I’m also a follower of Prof. Swift. Her recent academic papers have garnered repeated readings 😉

    1. Hello Luke
      Your reasons for liking Tom’s Ramblecasts so much surprised me because they are very similar to my own. But your words were better than mine…!
      One of my family attended the Worcester talk – it was in an interesting old building I believe.

  4. I really enjoyed this latest one, thankyou Tom! It set me up for a day of work. I do miss your tweets, but completely get why you left. Looking forward to more ramblecasts.

  5. Lovely to listen to your ramblings while I fake ‘busy’ wfh. Your comment about coughing coming out of a shop made me laugh hard. I had a non-Covid related coughing fit in my local Tesco (I think I just inhaled the wrong way) and I almost suffocated holding it in so as not to set off some kind of klaxon before being ejected from the building…

  6. Oh wow. How lovely to hear your voice and thoughts.
    Really enjoyed this and listened as I was cooking a nice, comforting veggie bolognese.
    It’s -3 degrees today on the west coast of Ireland and your ramblecast brought warmth into my home.
    Thanks Tom. 😊

  7. I really did laugh out loud at the story of Roscoes latest suitor, I actually acquired my Carlos (rip) in similar circumstances. Woke at 3am to the sound of my cats objecting and his fluffy white face stating at me from close range like a spectre. Keep posting the dancing and the walks, it’s all helping to keep me sane during the plague times.
    Looking forward to the next book, stay safe.

  8. I really enjoyed listening to Ramblecast:Fire. Live alone and it felt like I was listening to someone chatting to me here at home, but not in the way it actually was. Thank you.

  9. This largely made me howl, perhaps inappropriately, especially the thought of George being a sex offender!

  10. Ha ha ha, love the banjo reference! I went back to 5 string banjo over lockdown, albeit in a different style for me (clawhammer) and had online classes from Cecil Sharp House, which were really enjoyable.

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