15 thoughts on “Walking Diary, 8.9.2020: Giant Puffball Mushroom

  1. An off shoot of having chicken pox…a lot of nerve pain..I’m so sorry, need to get 2 part vaccine early everyone

  2. An off shoot of having chicken pox…a lot of nerve pain..I’m so sorry, need to get 2 part vaccine early everyone…look into nerve pain meds with your doctor

  3. I feel for you – I had shingles three times when I was much younger. Nasty! And the damp and floods in the cottage is a nightmare. Surely you need to move out ASAP? I moved down to Devon last year and it’s a damp area at the best of times without the additional house problems.
    I love how you give the Giant Puffball a personality as if it’s a new friend but then you’re quite prepared to chop it up. Just don’t give it a name!!!
    Hope you feel better soon and banish the stoat. Maybe that’s a name for a new book Banish the Stoat. I have a weasel in my garden, I hope it stays there and doesn’t invade my cottage or my person.

  4. Glad you have got some money back from landlord, this will help you de-stress and get better quicker. Your walk into Cornwall sounds interesting and the puff ball field amazing! I always thought they were just full of air.
    Take care, all the best

  5. Tom-I’m really enjoying your narration. My first time listening. I’m glad to hear your voice and can now read your writings and think of your voice!


  6. It feels wrong to say it considering the pain and suffering that inspired it, but I thoroughly enjoyed this story, especially read aloud as you did. I’m so glad you’re still able to go for walks to find the bits of magic along the way as is often provided, even when least expected. That field of giant puffball mushrooms was just waiting for you to show up and appreciate it and in turn alleviate some of our collective suffering by sharing it with us.

  7. Really enjoyed listening to you telling the story in audio. Please do more of these! Hope you’re feeling better soon and enjoy the Puffball.

  8. I feel for you – I’ve been battling the wretched beast since February! And sometimes I throw in a whole lot of expletives especially when the pain goes stratospheric.
    Hope you get shot of the bugger soon!
    PS How’s Ralph?

  9. I love that your shingles in particular is a spiteful stoat. The Spiteful Stoat of Shingles. And the puffball deserves a name too. Did the strips of puffball help with the pain?

    My daughter in New Zealand has also had dreadful problems with her letting agent (she’s the landlord though in this case and communicate directly with the tenants and all is well in that particular area) and they went to the Ombudsman and won. Just a thought.

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