Recent Sheep Photos I Have Taken

The reason this sheep I met on a walk the other week on Dartmoor looks sceptical is because I’d just told it that it was the best sheep of all time.

I shall name this photograph I took on my walk yesterday ‘The Easily Offended Sheep And Her Young Family’.
“I might just be a sheep but one day when I’m rich and important I’m going to go to that island and stay in that weird art deco hotel. You just watch.”

The numbers on these lambs backs’ denote their positions in the very important 62-a-side lamb football match they’re currently playing in.

9 thoughts on “Recent Sheep Photos I Have Taken

  1. The very fluffy sheep in the first photo looks as if she has been shampooed and blow-dried. She may well be the best sheep of all time.

  2. Tom, I just spotted your tweet where it almost sounded like you're giving up on Twitter. Please don't. I love browsing @MYSADCAT. (And sorry for leaving a comment here – I don't have a twitter account (!) and couldn't find email details for you?)
    Both my cats died not too long ago and as I live in a tiny flat, I haven't looking at welcoming a new furry addition to the household just (also…not quite ready). Your lovely little tweets always make me smile though, so please don't stop!

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