Ramblecast: a three rivers walk

Part one:

Part two:

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6 thoughts on “Ramblecast: a three rivers walk

  1. Really enjoyable. I find reading hard work (although I have read 2 of Tom’s books) and therefore listen extensively to audio books and pod casts. I know the area of South Devon well which makes this content even better. More please!

  2. Really enjoyed these Tom, I don’t know the area and it was great to get an insight and hear about some of the people you meet and what it is like living in the area. Have listened more than once since they also make great posts to hear when settling down to sleep.

  3. If you ever burn your tongue again, as I frequently do because I can never wait for things to cool down, lay a peeled slice of cucumber on it and keep it there for a few minutes… Throw it away after, don’t eat it…..Repeat a couple of times……
    That said, great ramblecast, most enjoyable, it is nice to put a voice to the face……..

  4. I’m racing through these ramblecasts and am in danger of running out. I’ll have to start again in chronological order. They transport to somewhere peaceful and humorous away from real life problems … today’s problem was a printer that refused to work. I’d prefer a burnt tongue to that. x

  5. Those customised OS maps are brilliant aren’t they! I bought them for my mum, dad & my brother them for Christmas this year (my mum has an OS subscription as well). My mum sends me these little compilation images from her walks so I used one of those that she’d made from images taken on walks close to her home, and for my dad I used a marvelous and atmospheric photo he’d taken that he’d shared of the estuary at Conwy where he lives. My brother is very bad at sending photos so I used a generic image, but I realise now that a photo of Spike the guinea pig would have been ideal.

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