16 thoughts on “Ramblecast: Butterfly Lane

  1. Stuck in bed with a vomiting migraine listening to your ramblings was a real tonic. I especially enjoyed the squelchy shoes, crunchy leaves and tales of Keith who sounds like a legend. Thank you 🙂

  2. Great stuff! I don’t know that area but it was fascinating to be able to look on Google Maps and see exactly where you had been. I’m also pleased that you have found somewhere else to live – spending Winter on Dartmoor sounds quite daunting but I can’t wait to read what you write about it. Hope it works out well for you.

  3. Thanks so much for this little gem Tom, a lovely surprise today ?? Can’t believe you’ve had a blood clot on top of everything else ?? hope all goes well with the move and hopefully this one will bring and your fur babies peace and contentment in 2021 ?

  4. Keith sounds a great character! You’re right though, you know, i am from Nottingham originally and I found everyone said Hello to each other. I am only about 50 miles away in Coventry now, but nobody even makes eye contact, never mind speak! I hope you will be happy with your move…my friend Maggie lives on the moor and loves it. If you ever see a woman with a dog called Sappho, say hi!

  5. This was lovely. I loved the walking sounds, it gives the impression of being right there. I have a love of walking in wellies, every puddle is a victory, although you do have to watch you don’t splash too much.

  6. I don’t get out walking much any more, thank you for allowing me on your wee walk. The scrunch and crunch, the howl of the wind, it all made me feel as though I was there.

  7. Tom. This was the most splendid walk. I hope you’ll send us another record of a walk when you move to the moor. I live in New York City which as you know, is suffering through an election. I’m so grateful to you for taking me out of the current misery as we wait to find out if Herr Trump will be gone. As always, I remain your chief supporter on this side of the Atlantic. Cathy

  8. Very squelchy puddley walk, but really interesting, thank you. Keith sounds amazing.
    I hope your move goes well and your shoes stay dry!

  9. Thanks for taking me on this squaddy walk, Tom, as we say in Lincolnshire. I really liked it when you got to the Devil’s puddle, and just stopped – that bit of silence was very evocative. I could almost see you, at the edge, thinking ‘hmmm’.
    Please do another Ramblecast when you can. It captures an out of doors moment beautifully.

  10. Very good to hear you! Love it that you’re heading back up to the Moor. I would love to hear from my old stamping ground, especially the deep backside of Yes Tor or maybe Lydford Gorge in full spate. Good luck with the move!

  11. Living in a city I don’t get to go for walks in nature nearly as much as I’d like. Listening to you felt like I was walking beside you, and the bit about Romeo had me cracking up!

  12. Listening to your ramblecasts in reverse order, today is 2 January. I am already disappointed with real life but the thought of your infinity puddle made me smile. X

  13. It’s definitely Tin-muth. One of my friends from university grew up in Teignmouth and I learnt quickly that Teyn-muth was not how you say it! New Year in Teignmouth was my first experience of Dartmoor – hungover, we attempted to ascend Haytor Rocks on New Year’s Day, dressed in ‘town clothes’. It didn’t go well.

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